Wednesday 23 May 2012 by Gary Stanton

UK Teenager claims to be first victim of ‘honour grounding’

15 year-old Jennifer Coster has appeared in public for the first time since the end of April alleging she is the first UK victim of a so-called ‘honour grounding’ conducted by her vengeful parents Hannah and Martin Coster.

Coster, who lives with her parents on the Woodchurch Estate in Birkenhead, insists she was honour-grounded for three weeks because the couple felt her increasingly westernised lifestyle, and her refusal to go on a date with well-mannered local choir boy Gavin Pointon, had brought shame on the family.

The teenager, who attends the nearby Roman Catholic Plessington School, believes she was the victim of a sustained abuse which resulted in ‘totally out of order’ restrictions being placed on her smart phone.

In addition, Coster claims the pair force-fed with food she didn’t like by repeatedly drawing attention to famine conditions on the African subcontinent.

Coster is now taking legal action against Data Entry Clerk, Martin Coster, 42, and Teaching Assistant Hannah, 36.

The youngster claims that not being able hang out down the offy until ten o’ clock at night has left her with long-lasting mental scars.

Honour grounding

Coster says parents’ assertion that Pointon is ‘husband material’ is down to “cultural bias” and that her long-term crush on jobless drug addict and local ‘player’ Steve ‘Ste’ Ballinger had broken her parents’ “code of honour”.

Martin and Hannah Coster, meanwhile, admitted their daughter can be ‘a bit of a skank’, but deny causing her any undue stress, saying they were only acting in her best interests.

Solicitor Vaughan Roberts, acting on behalf of Ms Coster, said, “Jenny describes an act of ‘honour grounding’ by her parents, acting together; of being confined to her bedroom and, acting together, the removal of an Olly Murs poster which the pair together claim was ‘damaging the wallpaper’. Together.”

Last night fears were growing for the Costers’ other daughter Alison, 17, last seen two months ago, after announcing that she was going on a date with a black boy called Derek.

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