Glory-hunters begin checking family tree for tenuous links to Man City

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After Manchester City clinched the Premier League title on a dramatic last day of the season, fans of supporting whichever club is winning have begun looking for ways to justify their temporary unconditional love for the new champions.

29 year-old Chris Stephenson, who revealed that his cousin saw Oasis at Glasgow’s King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut before they were famous, told us that he couldn’t wait for next season to start.

“I’m definitely mad for that….I mean mad for it,” he enthused.

“I’ve been a Man City fan since my dad took a piss next to Eddie Large at Stafford services in 1997.”

“I’m City till I die depending on where they are in the league around Christmas time.”

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Manchester City Champions

Amongst other fans who have mysteriously started referring to their siblings as ‘our kid’ is 34 year-old David Harris from Exeter.

“What a great day it’s been for not having to go through the misery of supporting your local club,” he said.

“I reckon I’ll be supporting Man City for a long time.”

“Having said that, I’ll be making a final decision on where my loyalties lie after the Chelsea v Bayern Munich Champion’s League final next weekend.”