Foreign paedos taking work from White British paedos, claim EDL and BNP

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Far right organisations such as the British National party and the English Defence League (EDL) have used the recent conviction of nine men of Pakistani heritage to highlight that hard-working British paedophiles are struggling to compete.

The BNP have warned that British paedophiles are in danger of ending up on the scrapheap unless something is done.

“When you’ve got foreign paedos coming over here and grooming our kids it becomes harder for our own paedos to compete,” insisted a BNP spokesracist.

“The case in Rochdale clearly shows that all foreigners that come to this country are paedophiles.”

“How are UK nonces supposed to cope with that sort of competition?”

Foreign nonces

The EDL have backed the BNP’s claim and called for UK paedophiles to receive more support..

“This country is in danger of losing its identity,” said an EDL spokeshooligan.

“If we’re not careful, men with thick glasses, greasy hair and carrier bags loitering near playgrounds will become a thing of the past.”

Muslim groups have revealed that they have seen a significant increase in hate-mail and abusive phone calls as a result of the Rochdale convictions.

“To demonise an entire religion because of the actions of a few individuals is ludicrous,” one muslim community leader told us.

“I mean, it’s not as if we’re catholics.”