Brooks reveals Cameron thought ‘WTF’ meant Wow That’s Fantastic

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Former News International executive Rebekah Brooks has told the Leveson enquiry that texts from David Cameron were far more entertaining before someone told him what ‘WTF’ really stood for.

Giving evidence, she claimed that texts from the Prime Minister always provided a good chuckle around the News International offices.

She told the enquiry, “I remember texting him one day to tell him that we were going to run an editorial supporting his latest initiative, and he texted back “WTF!!!”. I was literally crying at that one.”

“Sure, we thought about telling him lots of times, but it just seemed too funny to end it. You never knew what was coming next”

“I heard that someone finally pointed out the mistake after George Osborne started including WTF at the end of all his email responses to any austerity cut proposals – it just seemed so out of character.”

The enquiry continues.