to start stocking ‘Sorry to hear you’re going bust’ cards

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After High Street greetings card store Clintons Cards warned it expects to be placed into administration, internet rivals have launched a new range of ‘Sorry to hear you’re going bust’ cards.

With Clintons Cards the latest High Street chain to face administration, have revealed that the range will also include cards for employees who are affected by companies ceasing to trade, such as ‘Sorry to hear you’re losing your job’ cards and ‘Good luck with finding work’.

“The possibilities are endless for this range of cards and we’re really excited about it,” said a spokesperson.

“There will be cards for people that work in the public sector, like ‘Sorry your pensions been shafted’ and ‘Sorry to hear you’ve got to work longer’.”

Clintons into administration

The spokesperson went on to reveal that cards will also be available for differing types of bad news including those who are struggling to keep their benefit entitlement.

“It’s important that people realise others are thinking about them,” the spokesperson told us.

“I’m sure spirits will be lifted by cards with messages like ‘I Hope the repossession goes well’ and ‘I’m sorry to hear that the government doesn’t think you’re disabled enough’.”

“Not all the cards will be sympathy cards though,” added the spokesperson.

“We’ve also got some ‘Congratulations on your Bailout’ and ‘Well done on your enormous bonus’ cards lined up.”