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Fans reported for animal cruelty after making chicken wear Blackburn Rovers shirt

Fans of Blackburn Rovers are facing charges of animal cruelty after forcing a chicken to endure the humiliation of wearing a Blackburn Rovers football shirt.

The Chicken was subjected to the ordeal during yesterday’s game against Wigan, in which Blackburn were relegated to the Championship.

The chicken was eventually rescued by an RSPCA officer, who took the distressed bird for counselling with an animal psychiatrist who specialises in helping shown-up farm animals.

“It will be a long road to recovery,” revealed an RSPCA spokesperson.

“Hopefully with the right care and attention it will make a full recovery from what must have been a truly embarrassing experience.”

“It’s reluctant to leave its coop at the moment, but we’re hopeful a course of hypnotherapy will help.”

Blackburn chicken

Onlookers described how the chicken desperately flapped around in an attempt to remove the club’s colours.

“It was tragic,” revealed one neutral football fan.

“The chicken was desperately trying to remove the shirt to avoid anyone thinking it might be associated in some way with Blackburn Rovers.”

“It was really sad to see, but to be fair to the chicken it did have Blackburn’s best chance of the game.”

“When it came on it made Wigan’s goalkeeper, Ali al Habsi, work harder than he’d done all match.”

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