Tuesday 8 May 2012 by Paul Sergeant

Complaints after totty coverage cut short by Mexican presidential debate

The organisers of Sunday’s televised presidential debate in Mexico have apologised after the former glamour model hired to spice up the event was only shown onscreen for 24 seconds.

The model was used to hand out cards assigning the speaking order to the candidates, drawing record viewing figures for a political broadcast.

Mexico’s Electoral Commission said the woman’s tight white dress, with its plunging neckline, had distracted attention from important issues in the exact manner they’d anticipated.

The Commission said an independent production firm had hired the model, Julia Orayen, in the hope of emulating such European political heavyweights as Silvio Berlusconi.

“We think he’d have been proud,” said a spokesperson for the production team.

Mexican debate

With interest in Mexican politics at an all-time time, the Electoral Commission are keen to capitalise on the new-found image of the countries political process.

A second debate is set for 10 June, and will be streamed simultaneously on Youporn.

Viewer and voter Miguel Sanchez said, “I hope the next presidential debate can skip the tedious bits about the economy and education for our nation’s children, and perhaps introduce a wet t-shirt round?”

“If they want my vote, I would suggest a Super Soaker aimed directly at the chest area.”

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