Norwich City call police on fan for ruining surprise that their new kit is yellow and green

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A 17-year-old Norwich City fan has angered the club he supports by leaking pictures of their new yellow and green kit which is identical to their current kit but with the addition of a collar.

IT student Chris Brown published images of the 2012-13 strip on the internet 12 hours before the Canaries officially launched their new yellow and green kit which will replace their current yellow and green kit.

Chris has apologised to the club for posting pictures of the new kit design on Twitter and insisted there was no spiteful or malicious intent involved in revealing that the kit would look virtually identical to this years kit and several kits that have gone before it.

“I’m sorry for any offence I might have caused to the club,” he said.

“In hindsight I can see how my revealing that the new kit would be yellow and green before the club had the opportunity to do so would prompt them to call the police.”

“No-one would have forseen the new kit being yellow and green if I hadn’t selfishly posted pictures that were available at the time in the public domain.”

Norwich kit

The club’s chief executive David McNally defended the club’s reaction to images of the kit appearing on Twitter before the club officially released them.

“While it is true that Mr Brown did not hack into our website but instead obtained the pictures as it was being updated, this not give him the right to blatantly look at them,” he said.

“The addition of a collar to next season’s kit was highly sensitive information that could be crucial to next season’s campaign.”

“Any games we lose from now on will be entirely his fault.”

Fans of other club’s have spoken of their shock at the incident, with one supporter asking, “They have the internet in East Anglia?”