Tom Daley to be partnered at London 2012 by Ashley Young

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Diving prodigy Tom Daley looks set to score gold at this summer’s London Olympics, after coaches revealed that Manchester United’s England winger Ashley Young has agreed to partner him in the synchronised diving event.

Young has drawn plaudits from diving professionals throughout Europe for his recent displays, and Olympic coaches are keen to see his talents utilised in London this summer.

Coach Steve Williams told reporters, “Tom is still a very young man, and has a lot more to learn, and what better way to do that than alongside a man who week in week out demonstrates what throwing yourself through the air is really all about.”

“Ashley Young has tremendous agility, and his mid-air pirouettes are of the quality you only see from people with God given talent.”

“He has a little adjustment to go through to get used to landing in water instead of the opposition’s box at Old Trafford, but we’re confident he’ll have this perfected by July.”

Ashley Young diving Olympian

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has insisted the move has his full backing, and that any improvements in Young’s technique could only benefit his team in the long run.

“I’ve seen his first couple of training sessions, and he’s looking great,” Ferguson told reporters.

“Sure, they’re going to need to get special dispensation from the Olympic authorities to have a full clothed defender a few feet away on the ten metre platform with him, but I’m sure it’s a formality.”

“If the judges could all dress in black and carry a whistle that might also help him, he tends to produce his most impressive drives when watched by someone in a uniform like that.”