Player who won’t play for Man City again to be replaced by player who won’t play for Man City again, reveals Mancini

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Man City manager Roberto Mancini has insisted that controversial striker Mario Balotelli won’t play for the club again, with Carlos Tevez, who has recently returned to first team action after a spell of not playing for the club ever again, set to replace him.

Balotelli infuriated Mancini with a performance that mirrored all his previous performances for the title-challengers.

“Mario has left me with no choice but to not play him ever again,” he said.

“I’m not sure how long that will be at this stage, but it will definitely be never again.”

Carlos Tevez, who Mancini claimed would never play for the club again after refusing to come on as a substitute in a Champions League match against Bayern Munich, has spoken of his relief that his period of never playing for Man City again has come to an end.

“Not playing for the club ever again has almost felt like forever,” he said.

“Never again playing for Man City and Roberto Mancini being finished with me for good has been a difficult time.”

“But now that definite period of never ever playing for Man City again while Mancini is manager is over I can just get back to playing for Man City again under Mancini.”

Balotelli replacement

Balotelli has revealed his disappointment at not playing for Man City ever again by setting fire to a skip.

“I’m sad that I won’t play for Man City ever again,” he said.

“Hopefully when I’ve finished never playing for Man City again, I can start playing for them again,” he added before driving his sports car at high speed into a fireworks factory.