Jeremy Kyle Show definitely more reliable than British legal system, Insists Karen Matthews

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Following her release from prison after serving half of her eight year term the kidnap of her own daughter Shannon, Karen Matthews has vowed to clear her name by taking a lie detector test on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Lie detector tests, which are inadmissible as evidence in a court of law, are predominantly used on daytime finger-pointing shows to confirm or reject claims of infidelity in the minds of morons.

Despite the unreliability of the test, the mother of seven has insisted that the word of Jeremy Kyle is worth more than any conclusive evidence to the contrary,

“It’s not fair that I was convicted in a court of law without ever being given the opportunity to clear my name on Jeremy Kyle,” she said.

“Jeremy Kyle declaring my innocence would leave no-one in any doubt whatsoever that I am the victim of a miscarriage of justice.”

“A court of law using actual evidence can’t offer the same guarantees as Jeremy can.”

Matthews in Jeremy Kyle bid

Matthews, 36, is also hopeful that a successful appearance on the Jeremy Kyle Show could lead to other daytime TV opportunities.

“I’d like to get on that Loose Women show,” she revealed.

“I think they need someone a bit more personable and intelligent to distract from how vile the other presenters are.”