Samantha Brick diary reveals further anguish

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Daily Mail columnist Samantha Brick has hit the headlines again today after her secret diary was leaked on the Internet, giving further insight into the mind of a delusional narcissist.

Below are sample entries revealed to reporters by an unnamed source, which are already providing greater clarity on the thought processes of Mrs Brick.

Jan 27th and 28th: “Stopped to do my hair in the mirror before leaving for work, and before I knew it, it was Saturday.”

February 2nd: “The bread is mouldy – my beauty is such that it spoils baked goods in just six days, truly this is a curse.”

February 15th: “Walked past a building site earlier, so dumb-struck by my exquisite visage were the builders that their lips stopped working and wolf-whistles were rendered impossible as I passed. They also did their best to continue working and appear indifferent to my presence, but I know the truth.”

February 28th: “Enjoyed lunch today, but it was clearly so difficult for the waiter not to put his phone number on my bill. I was mightily impressed with his self-restraint. I still felt i should remind him I was a married woman – he was polite enough to pretend he had no idea what I was going on about.”

March 7th: “That same guy tried to talk to me AGAIN on the way to work this morning – that’s twenty nine days straight. Just take NO for an answer will you – and believe me, your ‘Big Issue’ pretence isn’t fooling anyone.

March 15th: “Flashed by several male drivers on way home tonight. Who says 60 mph in the middle lane of a quiet motorway attracts no attention – NO, I WON’T GO OUT WITH YOU!”

April 4th: “More love letters in the post today, particularly touched by the dog faeces in a plastic bag – the perfect metaphor for a ‘potent’ love constrained by the ‘plastic’ of societies conventions. Their unrequited love for me must be truly heart-breaking.”