Nick Clegg pledges to oppose some government plans right up until the local elections are over

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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has signalled that he will vehemently oppose some aspects of government plans in the build up to local elections, before returning to full agreement once they’re over.

Mr Clegg has insisted that the Liberal Democrats are a moderating influencing on the Conservative Party, albeit only during the period of time leading up to an election.

“I would like to take this opportunity to promise everyone that I will be proud to be a Liberal Democrat and all that it stands for right up until the third of May,” he revealed.

“For the next few weeks there will be clear differences between us and the Conservatives that people hadn’t noticed before I launched our local election campaign.”

Local elections

Mr Clegg insisted that the government will not “ram legislation through Parliament” to increase monitoring of emails and web usage, for at least the next 29 days.

“I want to reassure voters that the proposals will be debated fully before being legislated as soon as parliamentary time allows.”

“Probably around the fourth of May-ish.”

He also signalled disquiet over plans for secret trials in some civil cases involving national security.

“I’ve written to the National Security Council saying that judges – not ministers – should decide what should be kept private,” he explained.

“I can confirm that I won’t be writing a further letter outlining that I’ve had a change of heart until about……..well, you get the picture.”