Galloway reaffirms commitment to ‘some northern town starting with B’

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Respect MP George Galloway has spoken of his joy at his by-election victory, insisting he is completely committed to serving the people of Blackburn, Bradford or maybe it was Burnley.

Galloway spent the morning tweeting to his followers about his plans for the future, insisting the ‘Blackburn spring’ was well underway, before correcting himself and saying he almost certainly meant ‘Burnley’.

He told reporters, “I know exactly where I represent, as I spent quite a lot of time there telling everyone I would be spending quite a lot of time there.”

“It’s in the north, there were a number of ethnic communities and it started with a B – I’m not sure how I can be clearer about the specific location.”

“Look, if you don’t know the name of the town yourself, then I don’t see why I should have to tell you, even though I definitely know what it’s called.”

“Oh yes I do.”

Galloway’s Tweet

Critics have claimed that Galloway couldn’t point to Bradford West on a map, unless it was home to a Middle-East dictator offering to put him up for a few days in return for a glowing speech on their positive character traits.

Bradford voter Simon Williams said, “We’ve come to expect our politicians losing sight of their constituents once they are sucked in by the bright lights of Westminster – but they normally wait for the celebratory hangover to pass first.”

“Forgetting where you represent whilst you’re actually still sat there is a little embarrassing.”