Pope condemns Cuban leaders for holding ‘unrealistic beliefs’ without evidence

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As part of his tour of Latin America Pope Benedict XVI yesterday accused the Cuban leadership of deliberately ignoring the evidence against their ‘unrealistic’ Marxist beliefs.

“It’s just ridiculous,” the Pope told journalists, “There’s no evidence at all that Marxism works, and tonnes of evidence that it doesn’t.”

“Just look at the collapse of Communism in the USSR! They should just give it up and stop trying to make people believe this crap.”

The Pope’s comments came while he was in Mexico on an evangelism tour of Latin America to try to convert people to his Catholic beliefs – primarily that a virgin had a child after being inseminated directly by god, and that boy was eventually crucified, but came back from the dead in order to prove that everyone should worship him.

“Clearly Communism doesn’t work,” the Pope continued. “Sure, they can claim it works and cherry-pick their evidence by looking at the growth of China, but it’s no good just looking at one or two examples and claiming this overarching dogma provides ultimate truth.”

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“They just conveniently forget North Korea! What happened to the scientific method? This is the twenty-first century for Christ’s sake!”

Pope condemns Cubans

Pope Benedict’s reputation has suffered recently after a letter was leaked in which he told bishops that they would be excommunicated if they did not bury evidence of widespread and systematic child abuse.

But some at least of the 250,000 people at the rally in Mexico seem to think that the pope has got it right this time.

“I think this is brilliant,” Maria Cardosa, 25, said of the Pope’s comments.

“We need someone like the Pope to remind people of this sort of thing. And of course, as we all know the Pope is infallible, so he must be right, mustn’t he.”