Lib Dem treasurer offers access to Clegg in exchange for 250 Clubcard points

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The Liberal Democrats have insisted they will carry out a thorough investigation after reporters for Caravan Magazine recorded the party’s treasurer, Richard Duncalf, offering access to deputy Prime minister Nick Clegg in exchange for 250 Tesco Clubcard points.

During the secretly filmed footage Mr Duncalf said 250 Clubcard points gave “premier league” access including the chance to influence how the Lib Dems have absolutely no influence on government policy.

On the recording Duncalf is heard to say, “A donation of about 50 Clubcard points will provide some of us with a day out at Ashdown Forest Llama Park.”

“If you can stretch to 250 then we’re talking Alton Towers, and for that you’ll get pretty much whatever you want.”

Cash for access

Party officials said no donation had actually been accepted, and insisted that no amount of Tesco Clubcard points would allow access to senior party members, even if it was enough for a Limited Edition Diamond Jubilee Croquet Set.

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Mr Clegg said the claim was “completely unacceptable”.

“This is not the way that the Liberal Democrats raise supermarket loyalty points, it shouldn’t have happened,” he insisted.

“All our points are gained entirely legitimately by buying groceries and any claims to the contrary are completely untrue.”

“We will investigate any allegations of Clubcard points for access, and I have full confidence that no wrongdoing will have taken place in this incident, or in a separate accusation in regards to the funding of Danny Alexander’s visit to LegoLand.”