Warmish weather chaos as UK engulfed in huge barbecue cloud

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With the UK currently in the mild grip of warmth, people everywhere are bracing themselves for the smell of burning cheap burgers accompanied by a thick black cloud wafting over much of the country.

BBC weather forecaster Matt Taylor revealed that the conditions created by the cloud could be hazardous.

“The warmish conditions when mixed with the quality of produce from budget supermarkets can have a catastrophic impact upon air quality,” he said.

“The fear is that UK barbecue cloud will prove similar to the ash cloud that resulted from a volcanic eruption in Iceland a few years ago.”

“The only difference being that the severity of this cloud won’t be caused by a natural disaster in Iceland, but people buying cheap frozen meat from Iceland.”

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Warmish weather alert

The cloud is also expected to cause laundry chaos across much of Britain as people face a race against time to get their washing dry before it starts smelling like a Kerry Katona garden party.

Experts have warned that with temperatures currently higher than places that are still much nicer, the uncertainty over whether it might turn a bit chilly later could catch people unawares.

“It’s a difficult situation,” revealed weather expert Alex Deakin.

“If you take a jumper and you don’t need it then you end up carrying it around all day.”

“If you tie it around your waist or over your shoulders you could end up with a sweaty back.”

“It’s probably best not to leave the house unless you absolutely have to.”

Forecasters have warned that the mild weather madness is expected to continue well into tomorrow, so there’s no end in sight for people that don’t know when Monday is.