Words ‘Great Britain’ to help fans identify Great Britain Olympic kit

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Sports fans have been told that it will be easy to spot Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics after designers agreed that the kit to be worn by athletes during the competition would include the helpful words ‘Great Britain’.

After the kits were unveiled at an elaborate London ceremony yesterday afternoon, many attendees were left wondering at what point in the proceedings the British kits were going to be displayed.

As one journalist explained, “I saw thing greeny-blue thing which I think might belong to Lichtenstein, but I certainly didn’t see anything ‘British’ looking.”

“Then they brought out some kits that had the words ‘Great Britain’ across the front, which was a little confusing to be honest.”

“I think what they’re trying to do is make other Olympians believe they are actually competing against some minor European nation that used to be part of Russia or something.”

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“It could work I suppose.”

Team GB Olympic kit

Fans of the fashion ‘industry’ have given many pretentious sounding reasons why the choice of design is appropriate for London games.

“I think the imagery evokes the right emotional tone for such a historic event – plus, you know, it’s green.”

However many have also criticised the decision to let the child of a former Beatle design such an iconic range of clothing.

Consumer Simon Williams told us, “I’m all for a bit of nepotism – it’s how I got this job as a tube driver after all – but I’ve seen the designs, and I didn’t like them.”

“Perhaps they should let Julian Lennon have a go instead?”