Monday 19 March 2012 by Spacey

Delight as Duchess of Cambridge reads out loud some words written by someone else

Multi-talented Royal the Duchess of Cambridge has wowed crowds in Ipswich by simultaneously processing words that she is looking at using her eyes and reading them out loud using her mouth.

Hundreds of people watched on in awe as the Duchess showed that she is definitely more than just a moderately attractive woman who got lucky.

The speech, which she had little, if any, involvement in writing, highlighted that reading out loud is absolutely no problem for the versatile 30 year-old.

A royal spokesperson confirmed that there is more to come from the Duchess.

“The possibilities are endless. We were impressed with her reading skills right from the start, and she’s taken to saying out loud the words written for her like a duck to water.”

“Give a few months and we are confident she’ll be able to read out loud while making hand gestures or even remember words when she’s walking.”

Duchess of Cambridge speech

The gathered crowd were gushing in their praise for the Duchess of Cambridge, who read the words out loud during a visit to one of her charities in Ipswich.

“Fair play to her,” remarked one onlooker.

“It shows that there’s more to the Duchess than just waving and wearing clothes.”

“I mean, It was almost as is she had been reading for years!”

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