Charlie Sheen to seek womanising tips from Bill Roache

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After Coronation Street fixture Bill Roache claimed to have had sex with a thousand women, Charlie Sheen said he’d like to know his secret.

Sheen, famous for paying high-class prostitutes to have sex with him despite being a world-famous TV and movie star, said he would like to know how to get if for free every now and again.

He told the Hollywood Reporters, “This Roache guy seems like he knows what’s going on, definitely.”

“Apparently he plays a tedious character on a television show for grandmothers, yet he’s been chucking it around like Errol Flynn in his prime.  I want to know how he does it.”

“Is it drugs, does he dope them up? Or is it some sort of cult he’s got going on over there?”

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“Maybe this ‘Weatherfield’ is the fictional utopia of free-love I’ve been looking for all these years?”

“Or maybe it’s just that British women appear to have incredibly low self-esteem and really should know better.”

Roache the womaniser

However Roache has said his private life should remain private, despite doing conducting a television interview to tell everyone about it.

He told reporters, “You’re making more out of this than you should, honestly.”

“It all starts the same way, with me commenting on what a smashing blouse they have on, and ends up with some frantic rutting in the nearest Travel Lodge.”

“No, I’ve no idea either.”