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Cameron promises Osborne and Hague he’ll ask Obama if they can visit Air force One cockpit

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an excited William Hague and George Osborne that he will ask US President Barack Obama if they can visit the cockpit of presidential plane, Air Force One, as long as they promise not to touch anything.

Mr Hague and Mr Osborne, who are accompanying the prime minister on the state visit, are reported to be unable to contain their excitement at the prospect of seeing all the flashing lights and dials that can be found where Mr Aeroplane lives.

A Downing Street Spokesperson revealed that Mr Hague and Mr Osborne had spent the few hours before flying out to America frenziedly running around pretending that their arms are wings and making ‘Naaaaaaaarrrrrrrr’ noises.

“As soon as William and George heard that the prime minister was going to be allowed on Air Force One they haven’t stopped badgering him about visiting the cockpit.”

“I dread to think what will happen if President Obama says no, but I expect George will take his frustration out on poor people at next Wednesday’s budget.”

Cameron US visit

The visit is seen as a way to cement the special relationship that sees the UK doing what the US wants.

After the prime minister and the US president have discussed what they call “the next phase of the transition” in Afghanistan, tensions over Iran and the violence in Syria, it is expected that Mr Hague and Mr Osborne will join them for additional discussions about Power Rangers, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Saved by the Bell.

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