Monday 12 March 2012

Vladimir Putin declares early victory in BBC’s The Voice

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin has this morning declared victory in his bid to win new BBC talent show ‘The Voice’.

Putin will now work with leading producers to release an album of tracks designed to cement his place in the top tier of entertainment professionals.

He told reporters this morning, “I am delighted, obviously. The votes have definitely been counted and I am clearly the unanimous victor.”

“To receive 107% of the vote is even beyond my own personal expectations. I had conservatively expected somewhere in the 95% region.”

Putin victory

Critics have called the latest victory claims ‘premature’, insisting that victory in a competition that hasn’t even started yet is pushing it, even for the Russian premier.

However a Russian spokesperson insisted the victory is perfectly legitimate, and that all votes were monitored by state officials.

“We watched them very closely as they left their houses, got into our buses, walked into the voting stations, voted for Vladimir, and then got in the buses to be taken home again.”

“Oh yes we did.”

They concluded by asking the world’s media to stay tuned for news on how well mr Putin has done in the voting for the Eurovision song contest which has also definitely now happened.

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