Friday 9 March 2012 by Spacey

Men waiting impatiently as women still getting ready for International Women’s Day

Men everywhere are currently stood at the bottom of the stairs looking at their watches and shaking their heads as women continue to get ready to celebrate International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day, which has been set up to validate women as a recognisable gender, is an alternative to Men’s Days which take place the remaining 364 days of the year.

With men fearful of pointing out that they might need to hurry up a little bit, it is unclear at what stage women will feel satisfied enough with their appearance to get the celebrations started.

36 year-old Alex Flint, who has been waiting in the hallway of his house for 32 hours, revealed how he made the mistake of sighing in earshot of his wife at about 7.30 yesterday evening.

“I knew as soon as I did I was in trouble,” he told us.

“I tried to cover it up with a yawn, but that seemed to make things worse.

“I think she’s down to the last twenty outfit combinations, so I’m hopeful that we’ll get out at some time around 9.30 tonight.

“That’s based on the assumption that she’s already finalised the details of her hair and make-up or we could be looking at sometime next Wednesday.”

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