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Kony2012 ‘a bit long’ compared to Fenton2011, claim Internet users

Social media fans have left mixed reviews of a viral video that brings attention to an alleged murderous war criminal, but fails to make many people laugh.

At over 27 minutes long, the video about Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony lacks the immediacy of a man blaspheming at his dog in a quiet country park.

And while everyone who’s seen the video agrees that Kony is a very, very bad man indeed, some think the campaign needs more ‘LOLs’ if it’s to progress to a clip show on Channel 4.

“HEYYYY! GUYZZZ< : – ADDD SUM LITESABERS!!!”, explained YouTube reviewer GrrrStan1ey87. “NOT FUNNY U LAMERZZZ – %^”, added sw@@t91#~, from Putney.

Kony2012 video

But others with attention disorders disagreed. “ROFLMAO!!!!” decided ‘Dav1920’ who watched the first seven seconds, before sharing it to make people like him.

The charity behind Kony2012 knew their campaign would be an overnight success, having made the video five months after US Congress agreed to take out the deranged, child-killing monster.

“It’s true they’ve sent 100 elite US troops to the area, to track Kony down and kill him in self-defence”, admitted director Brad Jermaine.

“But there’s no point doing that, if the public don’t know who he is.”

Plans are already in place for a sequel, timed for release just before the US Presidential election.

“We’ve worked closely with the Whitehouse to film the moment when Obama announces they’ve nailed Kony”, explained Jermaine.

“Not only will it appeal to the conspiracists, but his death is pretty funny. They shoot him in the face, he falls backwards off a patio chair and kicks over a wedding cake.”

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