European Commission withdraws promo video: ‘Foreign Basterds’

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The European Commission has been forced to withdraw a video promoting the expansion of the Eurozone, made exclusively from the gory bits of Quentin Tarantino films.

Entitled ‘Foreign Basterds’, the film shows a number of racial stereotypes being scalped, shot and set fire to, by a plucky group of white people with quirky dialogue.

“When we screened the film to our target audience of youths with shaved heads and tattoos on their knuckles, the response was overwhelmingly positive”, explained Steffano Sannino, the EC’s Director General of Rapid Mechanised Expansion.

“They cheered, chanted and waved their colourful flags, they very much took the message to heart.”

“I don’t think the racial aspect of the video worried them in the slightest.”

European Commission video

Complaints poured in when the advert was first broadcast during an episode of Homes Abroad.

“I enjoy caravanning in Europe, so I’d like to see it expanded forcefully, at all costs.” said mother-of-two Julie Sumners.

“But then they wrote the words ‘Foreign Industry’ on Ving Rhames’ back while he was bent over wearing a ball gag and superimposed Sarkozy and Merkel’s heads on the rednecks, while they raped him.”

“Part of me wondered if that could be misinterpreted as being a bit racist.”

Sannino has assured critics he hadn’t meant to cause offence, and the film should be seen as a celebration of a strong Europe, rather than a declaration of war.

“We’ve learned our lesson”, admitted Sannino, “Cinema can easily be misread. We’re going to replace it with a film about fiscal unity, based on the fight scene in ‘This is England’.”