Monday 5 March 2012 by Formelia Alberthine

Mystery ‘ball of light’ seen over UK could increase household electricity bills, warns Centrica

Utilities provider Centrica has admitted the ‘mystery’ ball of light which lit up the nights sky across many parts of the UK over the weekend may necessitate a sharp rise in electricity bills for the region.

The company, who supply gas and electricity to over 20 million homes in the UK, claim several tens of thousands of households in southern England illegally profited from the unexpected burst of natural light leaving them with no alternative but to hike up prices accordingly.

A spokeswoman for Centrica confirmed the population’s worst fears, telling reporters, “We have all heard stories of households siphoning off electricity from their neighbours to avoid being ripped off in a similar way when their quarterly bill lands on the doormat.”

“Well this is moreorless the same thing but on a much, much grander – almost corporate – scale.”

UK Meteor

“The sheer number of households who either turned down their lights or turned them off completely as the ‘meteor’ shot across the sky has severely impacted our revenue and simply cannot remain unchecked.”

“With this in mind, we advise our customers to expect a 10% rise in next quarters bill to set a merry precedent.”

Centrica have denied this will open the flood gates to similar price rises for any light-providing events that households may attempt to benefit from.

“We’ve heard the rumours circulating that we will increase prices following any incident at a local concert where lighters are being held in the air for a prolonged period of time.”

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