Thursday 1 March 2012 by Spacey

James Murdoch rejoins News International as James Murdoch on Sunday

After quitting his role as executive chairman of News International yesterday, James Murdoch has today rejoined the organisation in exactly the same capacity, but under the new name of James Murdoch on Sunday.

He will continue to oversee the operations of the discredited media empire, but due to his name change is now totally dissociated from the massive web of phone-hacking and corruption that led to his resignation.

James Murdoch on Sunday said this morning, “If you look back through history then you will see a number of things that have benefited from a name change.

“Oil of Ulay, Jif, Opal Fruits, Marathon, Heather Mills, the list goes on.”

James Murdoch on Sunday then went on to say that James Murdoch on Sunday is also not responsible for anything that James Murdoch may have said at the parliamentary hearings, particularly anything that might turn out not to be true.

In fact, especially those bits.

Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the reappointment, saying, “Everyone deserves a second chance, and given the new Sun on Sunday’s healthy sales figures, people not only have an amazing appetite for salacious gossip and teenage breasts, they also have very short memories.”

Cameron then went on to unveil his new press secretary, Andy Joulson.

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