Tuesday 21 February 2012

Professional fighters reprimanded for fighting after other fight

The boxing community has rounded on fighters David Haye and Dereck Chisora after they chose to fight in a place that is traditionally reserved for talking about fighting after a fight.

The two heavyweights decided that a little fight was what was needed after several minutes of non-violent conversation on the post-fight press conference.

British Boxing officials have criticised the pair, releasing a statement that read, “It was terrible behaviour from two men who spend most of their waking day training to punch someone’s face clean off.”

“We want our finely tuned fighting athletes to focus on not-fighting when it’s time for talking, and then fighting when the talking time is finished.”

“They know they’ve done wrong, and have promised that in future they will limit trying to inflict serious head injuries upon each other to the times when we specifically say they can.”

Chisora Haye scuffle

Fight fans have also criticised the incident, claiming that the television viewing angles were all wrong and that the lack of a five-hour build up to the incident left them ‘cold’.

Boxing fan Simon Williams said, “As big fights go, it was very disappointing. Even more so than Haye’s fight against Klitschko last year.”

“I’ve seen public fights between boxers and retired fighters get out of hand before. They went out onto the street, cheered on by fans of both sides and it was great entertainment for us viewing fans.”

“They even had family around then cheering them on, and it was topped off when the loudmouth fight promotor got a smack in the mouth at the end.”

“Or is that Rocky V?”

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