Monday 20 February 2012 by Spacey

Cameron to host NHS overhaul meeting with cast of Holby City

After struggling to find any healthcare professionals that support the government’s changes to the NHS, Prime Minister David Cameron is to host a meeting in which he will discuss the controversial changes with some fictional nurses and doctors from the television.

Actor Paul Bradley, who has played Dr Elliot Hope in the BBC drama Holby City since 2005, will be amongst the attendees who will be required to turn up with a stethoscope draped around their neck.

“Actual doctors and nurses have expressed their opposition to these changes, and as a result we don’t want to talk to them anymore,” said a government spokesperson.

“If the public are as stupid as we think they are they, then they are sure to be won over by some familiar faces from a popular TV show.”

“I mean Robert Powell once played Jesus in a film. If you can’t trust him who can you trust?”

NHS reforms

The meeting is also expected to include a seance with Nick Clegg’s dead grandfather, who Mr Clegg has claimed would have supported the reforms.

“Nick was convinced that his grandfather would have backed the changes, and as we couldn’t find any living doctors that support the reforms, we thought we’d try and find a dead one,” the spokesperson continued.

“We might try and get hold of Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques as well while we’re at it.”

“Actually is Jim Dale still alive?”

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