Saturday 18 February 2012 by Spacey

Christian councillors win back religious freedom to tell people what to think

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has revealed that the government intends to reverse a high court decision that prevents Christian councillors exercising a ‘religious freedom’ to pray to an omnipresent cloud dweller during council meetings.

Mr Pickles, who has consumed so much cake that he is virtually omnipresent himself, insists that the high court ruling is “illiberal”.

“By effectively reversing that illiberal ruling, we are striking a blow for ‘freedom to worship’ over ‘intolerant secularism’ by allowing Christian councillors to turn council meetings into a church service.”

“Some people might say that council meetings should be used solely for the purpose of discussing civic business, but to them I say, burn the heretics!”

“God is a vengeful god and he will show no mercy to the non-believers!”

Council prayers

With many Christians’ understanding of the law being based on their own interpretation of the Bible, Mr Pickles went on to criticise rulings that have been “intolerant” of a Christians right to open up a bed and breakfast to the public, but refuse to let gay couples stay there.

“I think the intolerance shown by people towards Christianity’s intolerance towards them highlights perfectly how Christianity is being marginalised,” he said.

“It’s pure hypocrisy.”

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