Electrician from Stevenage says ‘Britain are right to keep hold of Falklands’

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Following Sean Penn branding Britain’s occupation of the Falklands as ‘colonialist, ludicrous and archaic’ other people whose opinions are ill-informed and completely irrelevant have been quick to have their say on the matter, too.

Dave Smith, a 32 year old electrician from Stevenage, has been airing his opinions, despite having no real knowledge of the facts and only having picked up snippets of information from news reports.

“The people of the Falklands want to be British, and that’s all that matters according to the Daily Mail.”

“So those Argies should leave them well alone or we’ll kick their ass again, just like we did in Vietnam.” said a slightly confused Mr Smith.

He continued, “Besides, I don’t know what all the fuss is about, they’re not even talking about the same islands.”

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“We want the Falklands, and they’re banging on about the Malvinas. So I say let them have the Malvinas, we keep the Falklands and everybody is happy.”

“Why can’t anybody else see that it’s that simple?”

Argentina dispute

Smith’s comments have attracted widespread support from other people who read the same newspapers as him, including a bus driver from Bolton, a shop owner from Bristol, and an unemployed man from Newcastle.

A man who works on the checkouts in Tesco in Coventry even took to twitter, to tell his 12 followers that “Sean Penn and Argentina can f*** right off”.

Penn, meanwhile, is keen to put the controversy over his comments behind him and move on to offering advice on other topics, such as stem cell research, euthanasia and Iran’s nuclear programme.

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