Tevez had ‘slipper thrown at him every time he licked his genitals’

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Manchester City outcast Carlos Tevez has spoken out against the treatment he received from the club, after being physically struck with a house shoe for trying lick his own genitals in front of the fire.

Tevez claimed that being treated like a dog also extended to having his nose rubbed in it whenever he shat on the changing room floor.

He told reporters, “They dragged me over to the turd by my collar, and kept shouting ‘bad Carlos, BAD Carlos’- it was very humiliating.”

“It’s not like I put in the middle of the floor – I put in a corner out of the way.”

“They have to remember that I am a human, not a dog, and going around urinating on stuff at the training ground should not make you think otherwise.”

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Tevez treated like a ‘dog’

Manchester City officials have denied the claims, insisting Tevez was not treated like a dog, but like any other wild animal in desperate need of house training.

“He was not treated like a dog, as dogs tend to form a loving bond with their owners, and don’t fly to the other side of the world to sulk because they’re not happy being paid a quarter of a million pounds a week.”

“That said, christ, you should see the fuss he kicked up when we tried to get him the team bath.”