Friday 10 February 2012 by Gary Stanton

BBC eager to hear from teenagers who didn’t provide hand relief for Sir Jimmy Savile

After fresh allegations that former BBC employee Sir Jimmy Savile abused his position to groom teenage girls, the corporation has begun a nationwide search to find youngsters who turned down his requests for hand relief.

BBC bosses have been accused of covering up the abuse after they suspiciously withdrew a repeat of Top of the Pops 2 in which Savile is seen to put his arm around a girl fan after a performance of Too Shy by Kajagoogoo.

The episode originally caused a furore when singer Limahl was seen to mouth the word ‘nonce’ in Sir Jimmy’s direction as the band’s drum machine faded out.

And Director General, Mark Thompson, is said to have axed a post-watershed Christmas nostalgia show called ‘I wanked off Jimmy Savile’ in favour of programmes painting the disc jockey in a favourable light such as ‘Sir Jimmy Savile – Champion of the Poor’ and ‘Disc Jockey of the Dispossessed’.

Jimmy Savile controversy

Meanwhile, the BBC is keen to hear from teenagers who met the star and whose lasting impression was that there was definitely something completely normal about him.

They will interview people who appeared on the presenter’s 1970s road safety show ‘Clunk Click’ in which Savile taught them the importance of seat-belt usage while driving around the countryside in a rusty white van filled with puppies.

Susanna Thompson, now 48, of Chepstow, said “When Sir Jimmy pulled into a lay-by and asked me to hold his cigar he didn’t mean it as a euphemism for anything.”

“I remember him as a kindly man, fond of children and road safety, rather than as a gurgling pervert.”

The interviews will form two shows scheduled for broadcast around Christmas 2012 entitled ‘I didn’t wank off Sir Jimmy Savile ’ and ‘Sir Jimmy – Nothing Dodgy About Him’.

Mark Thompson said, “Let’s remember him for the lives he saved rather than the ones he fucked up”.

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