Alan Pardew rules himself out of US Presidential race

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Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has ruled himself out of the running to become the Republican nominee for President in 2012, adding to his unwillingness to take jobs he definitely wasn’t going to be offered anyway.

Just a few hours after ruling himself of the England manager’s job, Pardew went on to rule himself out of a number of other roles he is not event remotely qualified for.

Pardew told reporters, “You know, everyone in this line of work would want to be the Republican nominee for president one day, but right now I’m happy being Newcastle manager and doing what I’m doing.”

“Sure, if the Republicans need a new nominee in a few years time, then maybe I could be that man – but not today.”

“Of course, it’s flattering to see my name linked to these roles in the stories in which I ruled myself out – but I guess that comes with the territory.”

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Pardew not for England

Reports are also emerging that Pardew has taken the unprecedented step of ruling himself out of a judges spot on the next series of X Factor, and as the next James Bond.

Pardew went on, “I just feel it’s better for all concerned that everyone knows my focus is primarily on Newcastle for the near future.”

“I hope they won’t be offended, but if they are there’s little I can do about it.” he concluded.