Oxfordshire police arrest staff from Iran-funded Radio Albion

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In response to the arrest of BBC Radio Persia journalists in Tehran, presenters from Iran’s Radio Albion have been detained by police at their studios in Oxfordshire.

The ‘tit-for-tat’ exchange was condemned by the Iranian state-sponsored radio station, which broadcasts from an industrial unit in Wantage.

Tehran claims that Radio Albion offers an important, alternative viewpoint in a country where most radio broadcasts are run by the state-funded BBC.

Regular listeners heard the mid-morning recipe phone-in for nuclear components interrupted by thudding sounds and muffled cries for help.

“It was quite a shock”, claimed fan Maureen Fuller. “I’d just settled in to be oppressed by their version of Woman’s Hour – I daren’t miss an episode.”

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Radio Albion has grown a loyal audience amongst people like Fuller, who claim that it’s the only source of ‘real news’ that can be trusted in Britain, with it not constantly going on about what’s happening on Celebrity Masterchef or Strictly Come Dancing all the time like it’s a major international incident.

“At first I wasn’t sure about a state-funded radio station obsessed with ideological dogma, but I got used to it eventually”, said Fuller.

“Then I stopped listening to the BBC, and tuned into Radio Albion.”

“It’s really refreshing how they rail against decadent western culture”, said listener Nigel Pearson. “Calling for a fatwah against anyone who has ever been on a reality television show has also really boosted their ratings.”

Another fan, Marcus Holmes, defended the station, saying, “They’ve got a great range of programmes, though their version of Desert Island Discs is quite short, what with music being forbidden under Islamic law.

“But I always tune in at two minutes past seven to listen to their everyday story of illegal nuclear weapons developing folk, The Ahmadinejads.”

Despite being a belligerent country broadcasting its own agenda into a region without permission, Radio Albion has won plaudits for its no-nonsense news bulletins, a lone voice in the south-east promoting death to Zionists and public stonings for rape victims.

“OK, it can be a bit much sometimes”, said Holmes. “But it’s still less offensive than Chris Moyles.”