Homeless struggling to give a shit about snow travel disruption

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Selfish homeless people have revealed that they don’t particularly give a shit about the travel disruption that has brought the UK to the brink of icy collapse following snow over the weekend.

The snow, which is most likely to occur during periods of the year referred to by experts as ‘winter’, has left many Britons stranded indoors with the heating on, while others have faced the inconvenience of their journeys taking a bit longer than normal.

Motorists have slammed the homeless for their lack of shit giving, with some insisting that it highlights the ‘me, me, me’ attitude that is endemic amongst British hobos.

“It’s alright for them,” fumed 34-year-old football fan Jamie Thirlwell.

“I’d wish I could spend my time like the homeless do, whizzing down hills on makeshift sledges made from empty cardboard boxes, but I had to set off a whole 30 minutes early to make it to the pub in time for kick off. 30 minutes!

“I don’t think they realise how difficult these kinds of conditions make it for ordinary, less carefree people.”

Snow chaos

Passengers who were left stranded in bars at Heathrow have also hit out at the lack of sympathy being shown by the UK’s heartless vagabonds.

“Have the homeless ever seen how much it costs for a drink at an airport bar?” slammed 42-year-old holidaymaker Denise Redfearn.

“They can get pissed up on a fiver. I’m going to have to spend quadruple that just to get a bit tipsy.”

A homeless spokesperson took time out from trying to stay alive to defend the homeless from attacks on their general apathy towards air, rail and road disruption.

They told us, “Whilst I appreciate that it must be deeply distressing to suffer slight inconvenience as a result of the weather conditions, I’d like to point out that I can’t feel my fucking feet or hands.”

If you want to do something to help the homeless during the inclement weather, you can find how through the fine folks at Crisis