David Jason stripped of OBE in backlash against ‘Royal Bodyguard’

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Disgraced comedy actor David Jason has been stripped of his OBE, following a media campaign against his role in ‘The Royal Bodyguard’.

Once the darling of safe, family entertainment, Jason received many plaudits in his early career, especially when that chandelier broke, again when he fell through a gap in a bar, and especially when he uttered the word ‘perfick’.

But the wayward actor’s judgment has now been called into question, after he agreed to make a comedy that wasn’t backed up with any jokes.

“Jason was once known for his meticulous attention to detail, he would often read the scripts before agreeing to appear in something”, disclosed one industry insider.

“I think it’s clear to everyone that he just rubber-stamped this one through. ‘The Royal Bodyguard’ isn’t even as funny as Frost.”

OBE withdrawn

Always quick to join a witch-hunt, Robert Peston made a series of humming and cooing noises that appeared to pour further scorn on the actor.

As an interpreter explained, “This disastrous sit-com was paid for by you, the licence payer. That means you get to arbitrarily decide how Jason should be punished. ”

Calls for Jason to voice a new series of ‘Danger Mouse’ are gathering momentum on Twitter, while some ideological youths want to see him paraded through London in a Batman suit.

“Comedy has moved on, we won’t stand for any more of this nonsense”, complained Mark Frasier, a 26 year-old radical campaigner against complacency in broadcasting.

“Jason can’t live on past glories forever, although he may have been led into making anything put in front of him by Nicholas Lyndhurst.”

The BBC has apologised for any lack of offense caused, and will replace the show with a new series of ‘Miranda’.