RBS boss Hester to struggle by on £1.2m salary alone

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RBS boss Stephen Hester has refused to take his £1m share bonus, insisting he is willing to struggle by on his £1.2m salary for the good of the taxpayer.

After pressure from politicians on both sides of the house, Hester agreed to make the sort of sacrifice rarely seen in the capitalist world and adjust his standard of living to match his meagre £1.2m wage packet.

“I looked around me and saw people struggling to make ends meet, and the people losing their jobs here at RBS, and I thought to myself – you know Stephen, with a little belt tightening you could probably eke out a pretty satisfactory living on just £1.2m a year.”

“And so I’m going to give it a go.  Of course, this will be difficult, and I will be making a number of significant sacrifices, but hopefully people will see this gesture for what it really is – a massive sacrifice on my part.

Hester refuses bonus

Tax payers have welcomed Hester’s move, but many are now concerned that he has left himself open to the poverty striking millions across the country.

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“If I was to lose half of the money I was expecting to bring in this year, I’d lose my house.” said tax payer Sharon Williams.

“It’s a generous gesture, sure, but I don’t want to see the poor man destitute.”