Monday 30 January 2012 by VCG

Liverpool fans gather outside court to boo assault victims

A crowd of around one hundred football fans has gathered outside of Liverpool Crown court this morning to jeer victims of crime as they make their way in to attend trials.

It is believed that the fans hit on the idea after the enjoyment derived from booing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra at the weekend.

Evra had the audacity to be racially abused, and Liverpool fans have decided to extend the booing activity to victims of physical assault, too.

“Evra thought he was being clever reporting racist abuse, but nobody likes a grass and we showed him exactly what we thought of him.” said one Liverpool fan, who was bright enough to remain anonymous.

“But then we thought why stop there? There are all sorts of people around who report burglaries and violent crimes every day, so a group of us decided to head down to court this morning and, oh hold on, here comes somebody who was left partially sighted after an unprovoked assault in a nightclub – BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Liverpool fans abuse

Some of the victims on the receiving end of the jeering have been left visibly upset but Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish dismissed the incident as “a bit of banter”.

“I’ve been booed before, it’s part of the game and you just have to deal with it.”

“Our fans have been terrific all season, it’s unfortunate that those rape victims were left in tears, but I don’t think anybody overstepped the mark.”

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