‘Chaos’ if we stop rich people giving money to rich people, claims Duncan-Smith

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Iain Duncan-Smith has claimed the government can not intervene in the bonus given to Stephen Hester by the RBS board, because preventing rich people giving money to other rich people would leave the world in ‘chaos’.

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions told BBC One’s Andrew Marr show that taking such a stance would create scenes that would make the austerity protests look like a children’s picnic.

He told viewers, “I  don’t know if you’ve ever tried to come between a rich person and their money, but they can be extremely vicious.  We would do well not to provoke them, and that is the official stance of this government.”

“I don’t know if you know much about proper chaos on a biblical scale, but if we were to prevent multi-millionaires giving your money to other multi-millionaires there would be rivers of blood in the streets.”

“The students might have had placards and the odd brick, but these people have significant funds to spend on armoury. You do not piss of the rich. End of story.”

Chaos over RBS veto

Despite the threats of chaos, millions of tax payers insisted they were perfectly happy to see what happens when a rich person doesn’t get their own way for once.

Tax payer Mike Matthews told us, “I’m kind of intrigued to be honest. Would there be lots of screaming, maybe some tears? I quite like the sound of that.”

“And if it turned violent and a few thousand of them were lost in running battles with the military, then I’m sure we’d get over it.”

“Well, once we’d recovered our composure from all the laughing.”