University graduates buoyed by news of 2,500 new McDonald’s jobs

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University graduates previously concerned that the last three years of their lives had been a complete waste of time and money have received a boost, after McDonald’s announced 2,500 exciting opportunities for ambitious team-players.

The fast-food firm are expecting a high volume of applications from a range of university-educated young adults with the drive and determination to make it in the cut and thrust world of over-salting fries and cleaning gherkins up off the floor.

Daniel Freeman, who holds a masters degree in astrophysics and cosmology, is just one of many university leavers eager to take up a challenge that he feared was drifting beyond his grasp.

“Obviously I’m excited, but there are no guarantees I’ll get one of the jobs,” he said.

“Opportunities like this don’t come along very often, so there’ll be plenty of people just like me who want to grab it with both hands.”

“If it doesn’t happen then Asda have announced 5000 new jobs, so I could still be in with a shout of a shelf stacking or lucrative trolley retrieval opportunity.”

McDonald’s is hiring

Previous graduates who have secured employment at McDonald’s have urged university leavers to stay focused and believe in themselves when applying for positions.

“I started out with nothing, but I knew that if I worked hard I would work my way up,” said psychology degree holder Kate Redfern.

“Six months later, I’ve got my own mop and bucket and the chance of moving up and onto frying duty.”

“Never, ever stop believing!”