Mario Balotelli angered by ‘deliberate’ Redknapp tax evasion

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Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli has reacted furiously after Harry Redknapp stole the attention of the world of football away from him for all of five minutes last night.

Details of Redknapp’s despicable tax evasion attempts through foreign bank accounts meant Balotelli was not the centre of controversy until news broke moments later of him being charged for stamping on Scott Parker.

Balotelli said, “Once could have been an accident, but you can see he’s been cooking his own books for years.”

“The bank account was in the name of his dog and used his date of birth.”

“Jesus Christ. Come on Harry.”

Redknapp tax evasion

“I’m usually the last person to talk about people doing stupid stuff, but this is so blatant – he’s trying to steal the spotlight away from me and I want to see him brought to justice,” Balotelli continued.

“It’s not the first time he’s done it and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

“He did manage to sell Peter Crouch at a profit though, so fair play to him there – no wonder the chairman wanted to give him a bung or two.”

The Italian has until 1800 GMT on Wednesday to do something even more newsworthy before getting banned by the FA.