Ronnie O’Sullivan threatens to quit threatening to quit snooker

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As the Masters snooker concluded last night crowd favourite Ronnie O’Sullivan shocked his fans by claiming he may now take a break from threatening to quit the sport.

When O’Sullivan was beaten in the quarter finals of the tournament many spectators expected an immediate threat to quit the game in his post-match interview, but “The Rocket” has now sensationally revealed that he is considering quitting suggesting he will quit.

“I didn’t say anything straight after the quarter final because the focus should be on the snooker, not on me.”

“But there are other priorities in my life now and I might not be able to dedicate so much time to sulking and threatening to quit when I lose.” explained O’Sullivan.

Sullivan to quit quitting

“I’ve spent a large part of my life travelling all over the world threatening to retire, but my kids have to come first now.”

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“If spending more time with them means that I don’t have so much time to devote to giving miserable interviews where I say that I find snooker boring after I’ve lost then so be it.”

With O’Sullivan possibly out of the frame snooker fans are looking for somebody else to step up and repeatedly complain about a sport that has made them a household name, but new crowd favourite Judd Trump says it won’t be him.

“I’m only just starting out in the sport really, I’m not ready to fill Ronnie’s shoes just yet.” said Trump,

“Maybe after my natural talent has earned me a few million quid doing something that I love then I’ll start whingeing about it all the time too.”

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