Wednesday 18 January 2012

Wikipedia blackout forces students to copy from printed ‘hardcopy websites’

As Wikipedia went ‘dark’ in protest at US legislation that could affect free access to information on the Internet, thousands of students were forced to copy their work from printed websites with terrible search functionality.

The blackout is expected to last 24 hours, and any student with a deadline is currently asking anyone they meet for a ‘print out of wikipedia’.

As one struggling student explained, “I asked at this big building where they have lots of printed out websites and eBooks and that said I should try an ‘Encyclopedia’ – which sounds like a rubbish copy of wikipedia if you ask me.”

“The search functionality was rubbish, it just listed all the words in alphabetical order. And when I pressed a word in an article I was interested in, nothing happened. It was like the stone age.”

Wikipedia blackout

Experts are warning that the wikipedia blackout could leave hundreds of thousands of students and journalists alike ‘dangerously informed’.

Book ‘creator’ Simon Williams told us, “We’re in danger of them rediscovering what genuine research is actually all about. Who knows what they might accidentally learn.”

“If they discover the concept of independent thought, then God help us all.”

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