Radical cleric’s deportation ruled out on grounds that he didn’t infringe US copyright laws

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Radical cleric Abu Qatada has won his appeal against deportation from the UK to Jordan at the European Court of Human Rights after it transpired that he didn’t make the same mistake as Sheffield student Richard O’Dwyer, and infringe any US copyright laws.

British judges described Qatada as “truly dangerous”, but this was not enough to see him suffer the same fate as O’Dwyer, who was described by judges as “a bit of a nerd.”

Qatada, who is also known as Omar Othman, faced deportation to Jordan to face terror charges, but as he was careful not to set up a website which hosts links to pirated copyrighted films and television programmes, Judges decided the case was totally without foundation.

“The possibility that Abu Qatada could have been involved in two major terrorism plots is one thing, but it’s not as if he gave someone the tools to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks for free!” said the European Court.


Qatada expressed his relief at the decision, and also took the opportunity to speak out against the evils of illegal downloads.

“Don’t these lowly Western pigdogs realise how they are negatively impacting upon the living standards of executives in the film industry?” he blasted.

“When compared to how much money illegal downloads cost the film industry every year, blowing up a few people and inciting hatred is pretty insignificant.”

“I’m glad the courts realised this.”