Fears grow for Sherlock fans sucked into gaping plot hole

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Thousands of fans of BBC One drama Sherlock are still unaccounted for, after a gaping plot hole appeared at the end of the second series.

While panic and confusion ripped through Twitter, armchair experts attempted to shore up the historic constitution before it collapsed in on itself.

Opinions on how to deal with such deep flaws are divided. While some fans acted with anger as they span into the confusing void, others insisted that there must be a perfectly valid explanation.

“It was horrible, it was as if everything I’d just watched had crumbled beneath me”, admitted fan George Furrow. “I’ll never get those 90 minutes back.”

“My mate Dave is OK though, he’s managed to cling to a bit of hope. He’s sure he can explain it with a special farm that clones posh detectives.”

Sherlock climax

A BBC spokesman sought to reassure viewers that they were still in control, “Some viewers are pretty traumatised, but we’re trying to reach them with a longer third series”, explained Helen Tinsley.

“Thankfully, events like this are pretty rare; they’re largely restricted to Eastenders.”

Some viewers had a miraculous escape. Graham Hough normally records programmes to watch later, to make time for his hobby. “I spend a lot of time looking for news about TV dramas in forums and on Facebook, so I can complain about finding it”, explained Hough.

“I love complaining about spoilers long after everyone else has seen something. Who knew that one day, my hobby would save me?”

But Furrow isn’t ready to forgive the broadcaster just yet. “A lot of people struggle to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially when that loved one then turns up to their own funeral.”

“Plot holes like this can be very upsetting, they undermine your understanding of how the world works. I’m off to my parents tonight, to look for the cat they buried when I was 12.”