Little Chef closures force motorists to travel few extra miles for overpriced slop

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As ‘Little Chef’ announced it is to close 67 of its 161 outlets, motorists faced the prospect of travelling a little further for their next hugely disappointing and vastly overpriced motorway meal.

Little Chef, which was launched in 1958, has earned a reputation for providing a range of dishes that have left millions of motorists both nauseous and considerably poorer.

Little Chef chairman Graham Sims defended the restaurants and revealed that the closures were due to issues such as ‘demographic changes’ and nothing to do with the quality and affordability of the menu.

“Some of our restaurants have suffered due to their locations,” he insisted.

“Those locations being anywhere that is relatively close to somewhere else that serves food.”

Little Chef cuts

Motorists have spoken of their disappointment at the prospect of a future with fewer opportunities to wish they’d made some sandwiches before setting off.

“The photographs of dishes on the menu bear as much resemblance to reality as the average Internet dating profile,” claimed 42 year-old sales rep Simon Carter.

“You’re sucked in because it looks incredibly enticing, but when it’s in front of you it looks like it’s been left alone for far too long with a bunch of cats.”

“On the plus side, they are the most futuristic restaurant chain I’ve come across, with a price list that looks like it was set in 2042.”

Mr Carter is just one of many motorists who have been critical of Little Chef’s standard of cuisine, with many more keen to share their experiences with us.

“I think I received more sustenance from the anticipation of eating what I’d ordered than I did from whatever it was I was served,” said disgruntled lorry driver Lee Hubbard.

“Little Chef was at it’s peak in the 70s and 80s, and judging by it’s smell and consistency so was my soup.”