Beyonce and Jay-Z name their daughter Blue Ivy, what do you think?

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Popstars Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z have called their newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter, leading to speculation behind the unusual name.

We sent our reporters out on to the street to find out what you thought about the moniker given to the world’s latest megastar.

Woman on the Street“I guess it’s just the latest in an increasing line of celebrities naming their child after where they were when they conceived, and this one’s named after the type of film they were watching?”

Shaun Williams, Reviewer

Man on the Street“Are we sure it’s not after the colour of Jay-Z’s balls by the time Beyonce gave birth?”

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Maggie Roach, Review Critic

Man on the Street“Does it really matter? If she gets bullied about it her parents can buy her some new friends.”

Rich Walters, Critic Critic

Woman on the Street

“It’s because it’ll look good on a perfume bottle, obviously.”

Sheila James, Critic Reviewer

Woman on the Street

“Yeah, but I bet behind closed doors they just refer to her as Claire.”

Mike Matthews, Review Critic Reviewer