Wednesday 11 January 2012 by Spacey

UK film industry should pander to morons, claims report

Following the publication of Lord Smith’s review into the government’s film policy, Prime Minister David Cameron has urged Britain’s film industry to make more of the sort of films that morons like.

The UK film industry has built a reputation for well-crafted and intelligent cinema, but Mr Cameron called on British filmmakers to increase the use of ‘tits and ass’ and ‘vehicles that turn into robots’.

“Directors like Ken Loach and Mike Leigh may have built their reputations on making award-winning thoughtful and gritty dramas, but have any of their films made as much money as Transformers?” he asked

“The focus should be shifted away from provoking thought, and directed more towards flashy, noisy, boom boom.”

Moron Movies

Mr Cameron also expressed his disappointment at the content of the critically acclaimed film Tyrannosaur.

“When I heard about Tyrannosaur, I immediately thought it would involve some kind of mad scientist meddling with genetics or a time travelling mishap that brings a dinosaur egg to the present,” he said.

“I watched the whole film, and not one bloody dinosaur.”

“It turned out to be just another gritty drama, and Tyrannosaur was a metaphor for something or other.”

“If they had at least put a T-Rex on the poster it might have actually made some money.”

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