Wednesday 11 January 2012 by Formelia Alberthine

Samsung unveils television which can be upgraded for cost of new television

Samsung claims to have put an end to expensive replacement televisions, by offering consumers equally expensive television upgrades instead.

The device is viewed by the manufacturing giants as a ground-breaking leap in being able to corale consumers into purchasing from the same company throughout the lifespan of advances in televisual technology.

A Samsung spokesperson conceded the chances of a television never becoming obsolete were about as likely as Jedward becoming astronauts.

“We are more aware than most that technological advances, by their very nature, make their predecessors seem like prehistoric artifacts – our sales strategy absolutely relies upon it.”

“But you wouldn’t fall for Vauxhall telling you, ‘look, buy our car because as technology advances we’ll change the chassis and the engine for you – all for the low, low cost of a new Vauxhall’.”

“But with a telly, you might just fall for it.”

Upgradeable television

Samsung hope the innovation will reassure shoppers that worrying about expensive new televisions will be a thing of the past.

“Why spend all the time researching the Internet for your choice of television, when all you need to do is give us a call with your credit card?”

“We’ll send round a qualified engineer – at an industry standard hourly rate – to plug something ridiculously expensive into the side of your television, and hey presto – you didn’t even need to buy a new wall bracket.”

“It’s the future.”

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